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Tuesday. 9.12.06 7:22 pm
Woah...I don't think I've had such a busy two days in a looong time...but that's in no way a bad thing! I'd take a time-consuming schedule over the boring, sit-at-the-computer-and-get-out-of-shape one that I tended to participate in last year . So basically jump rope occupies Mondays and Tuesdays...with the exception of school, which occupies everything else .

I'll spare you the details, but basically it was tough . The speed drills consisted of doing 3 minute speed, 1 minute speed, and 30 second speed, resting only while your other partner went. And after that we got to do as many sit-ups/pushups as we could do before dying! Yay [/endsarcasm]. Until I start realizing that this will probably benefit me in the long run I'll continue to complain about these workout drills . So anyways, I got around 70 situps and 30 pushups. I thought the situps could've been better, but I was a little surprised by the pushups...I hadn't done them in a while and I guess I got better since the 10 I had to sweat for in 7th grade . But anyways, we test again in December so I better have more by than

So, considering how sore I was from the 2 and a half hour long practice yesterday, it was no surprise that gymnastics was looking a little scary today...but it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. AHH. I'm like |--| <<--- THAT close to landing a front tuck standing straight up...I just keep pulling out too early . Next practice...I swear *shakes fist*.

So yes, that's gonna be how it is ever Mondays and Tuesdays pretty much lol.

I tried getting my schedule changed again . Turns out that getting yearbook is impossible since it HAS to be 6th period, and that's when the only other AP English class is . Damn. So now I have to decide between going back to Metalshop/manufacturing, or some other strange elective like American Ethnic Literature, Poetry, or possibly civics (which sounds somewhat intelligent so I might end up doing that if the teacher isn't a fool ).

Ahh yes, my life thus far.
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

that exercise regiment sounds tough...

i always hated trying to get my schedule changed... the administrative team at my high school was terrible.

» thaitanic on 2006-09-12 09:52:21

Ah, you'll be a manly man in the end. ;)

Have fun with the pain and soreness. ^-^ Heh, early in the week. Yup, you'll be feeling it later...*laughs evilly*
» Silver-dot- on 2006-09-12 10:01:04

wow your life sounds a lot more active than mine! mine consists of that sitting-in-front-of-the-computer thing apart from school haha XD

ahhh good luck with gymnastics!!! =DDD i'm still thinking of taking it up, but right now, i dont think i'll have any time considering my a levels x_x;;

ooooooooooh!!!!! yes, i agree (with your prev. entry)... this layout looks EXTREMELY cool!!!! are you sure you made it yourself??? i would have believed you if you said it was done professionally ;)


» Kuri on 2006-09-13 12:01:53

so much to do! :) busy isn't always a bad thing though...definitely keeps you occupied. :D btw, i love the way you incorporated all those smilies!
» little-b on 2006-09-13 02:24:51

No birds?! Dang you are SERIOUSLY missing out!
» randomjunk on 2006-09-13 05:32:10

omg see that's why i don't wanna try gymnastics...tsk3 i'm sure i'm gonna die on day 1. lol i don't know how u live...but u did it! XD

yes yes yes, the muffin man does know best...:D i wanna publicly thank the muffin man for constantly telling me that i will have friends in the future! haha :D peace!
» frostbitten on 2006-09-13 06:10:27

wooohoo you're gonna nail it, i can feel it :D

sucks about yearbook :( that was always the hardest class to get into but it seemed like the most involved people always managed to get in there... grrr so i settled for editor in chief of the newspaper senior year haha!
» crochetmama on 2006-09-14 12:06:42

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